About Me

I’m a twenty-something entrepreneur, poker player, and investor.  I’m currently wrapping up my last semester of undergraduate studies in economics at Georgetown while managing and owning a variety of web-based businesses.  I live in the Logan Circle area of Washington, DC with my awesome girlfriend and dog.

During the fall of 2005, while in my sophomore year at the College of William and Mary, I got caught up in the online poker boom.  I ran up a $50 deposit into millions and have had an amazing time traveling the world playing the biggest tournaments and cash games from Vegas to Monaco to Macau to NBC’s Poker After Dark.  I’ve been incredibly fortunate, and am very grateful for the opportunities poker has opened up for me.

Pursuing a career in professional poker meant taking a few years off from my studies, which I resumed in DC during the fall of 2009, graduating from Georgetown in 2012.  While I still play quite a bit of poker, I’ve also become more involved in the business side of the online gaming industry.  Some companies I have managed or invested in include:

  • Bet Raise Fold, a feature-length documentary about the online poker boom released in 2013.
  • CardRunners, one of the leading poker training websites.
  • DraftDay, a real-money daily fantasy sports platform.
  • Hold’em Manager, the most widely used poker analytics software.
  • Ivey Poker, Phil Ivey’s latest online poker project.

One of my biggest passions is snowboarding.  Whether it’s a day at Whitetail or a heli trip in Alaska, I can’t wait to be on the mountains.  I’ve been very lucky to be able to explore some incredible terrain all over the world.  My favorite trips by far are adventures to snowcat lodges in British Columbia.

I love Washington, DC and the amazing collection of restaurants, people, and things to do our city offers.  I’m an avid fan of all of the DC sports teams and go to a ton of games despite years of mediocrity.  Some of my favorite DC spots are Little Serow, Toki Underground, BLT Steak, and Shelly’s Back Room.

Thanks for visiting my blog!